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Cosmetics bottles "niche" is a university asked

Large cosmetics market is becoming mature, but all the cosmetics on the market at present can meet the needs of all consumers? The answer is no. The future of the cosmetics market increasingly differentiation should be, meet the market demand of different regions, the crowd.

For different groups of people, cosmetics have begun to gradually broken down, men's cosmetics, cosmetics, children's cosmetics and cosmetics for the elderly. Different consumer groups have different market demand and consumption characteristics. Cosmetic bottles in the packaging should be based on the market segmentation targeted design. Men's cosmetics bottles are more masculine, personalized, easy to use. Women's cosmetics bottles are reflected in a warm, romantic, soft features. Children's cosmetics bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and children's psychological needs. Cosmetics bottles for the elderly should be reflected in the user-friendly design and ease of use. We have said that cosmetic bottles are cosmetic products to promote a "weapon"". In the subdivision of the cosmetics market, designed to meet the needs of different cosmetics market similar to the cosmetics bottles, but also reflects the ability of an enterprise in marketing.

For different segments of the cosmetics market, more reflected in the cosmetics according to the local customs and economic development of the degree of product segmentation. Reflected in the packaging of cosmetics bottles, mainly in the cost of cosmetics bottles, materials and the distinction between the design and should not involve and violate the different religious beliefs, customs and habits, etc..


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