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Do you know what other materials are used for sealed jars besides glass?

The airtight jar has a heat-resistant glass fresh-keeping box completely without bubbles and cold lines, high transparency, and ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature. It is better than the glass heat-resistant glass of the Lock Cup, but the price is much cheaper.

Nowadays, at the price of tempered glass, you can buy high-grade borosilicate heat-resistant glass fresh-keeping boxes. The lid is made of high-grade PP and imported silicone materials. It uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to have a more sealing effect. When heating in the microwave, just open the small button on it. The mouth of the bowl is flat and smooth, making cleaning easier and more convenient.

The shape of the sealed tank: the sealed tank includes a tank body and a tank cover. The joint surface of the tank cover and the tank body is provided with a circumferential groove, and the circumferential groove is provided with a sealing ring; the upper mouth of the sealing ring is provided with an outward upper mouth On the opposite side, there are air holes on the opposite side of the upper mouth; the lower mouth of the sealing ring is provided with a hook, and the hook is matched with the lower mouth of the tank lid. After adopting the above structure, there are two seals between the tank body and the tank lid. The first seal is sealed by the convex surface of the sealing ring, and the second seal is sealed by the opposite side of the upper mouth. The lower hook can make the sealing ring securely installed and not deformed. And to prevent the hand from being scratched by the lid; it has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient processing, high production efficiency, good sealing effect, firmness and durability.


Made of glass, plastic, metal and other materials. More glass.


Glass airtight tank; plastic airtight tank; stainless steel airtight tank

Advantages: 1. The sealed tank is made of high-grade stainless steel, is corrosion-resistant, has no odor, and can prevent each item from smelling each other. 2. It has a particularly good effect on keeping food dry and fresh. 3. Colored transparent sealed can lids make the stored items more intuitive and convenient to use. 4. Elegant and exquisite, easy to carry, it is an ideal companion for your home travel.

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