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How can we preserve cosmetics better

We often "break the taboo" in the preservation of cosmetics without knowing it until the skin has spots, wrinkles, abscesses and other skin problems. In fact, these skin-damaging phenomena may be caused by cosmetic deterioration. So how can we better preserve cosmetics?
Preservation method one: heat protection
It is not suitable to store cosmetics in places where the temperature is too high, because high temperature not only easily volatilizes the water in the cosmetics, and the cosmetic paste becomes dry, but also easily causes the oil and water in the cream to separate and deteriorate. Therefore, do not put too much cosmetics in your handbags in the hot summer, so that you can use them in a short time. The most suitable storage temperature should be below 35°C.
Preservation method two: anti-pollution
Although cosmetics are added with preservatives to prevent the product from being contaminated and deteriorated, it still cannot be avoided. If there are bacteria in it, it will harm the skin. Therefore, after using cosmetics, the bottle cap must be tightened in time to prevent bacteria from invading and multiplying. It is best to avoid using it directly by hand and use a pressure device or other tools instead. In addition, once cosmetics, such as creams and lotions, cannot be put back into the bottle to avoid contamination, too much cosmetics can be applied to other parts of the body.

Preservation method three: antifreeze
Cosmetics are prone to freeze cracks when stored in a cold place, and oil and water separation will occur after thawing, which will make some of them thicker and harder, which has a stimulating effect on the skin.
Preservation method four: sun protection
Do not store cosmetics in direct sunlight or light. Because cosmetics are exposed to direct sunlight or light, water will evaporate, and some ingredients will lose their vitality, leading to aging and deterioration; and because cosmetics contain a large number of drugs and chemical substances, they are prone to chemical changes due to ultraviolet rays in the sun, making them effective Lower it, so don’t put the cosmetics outdoors, on the balcony, next to the dressing lamp, etc.
Storage method five: moisture-proof
Some cosmetics contain a lot of protein and honey, which are prone to mildew after being damp. Some are also packaged in glass bottles with iron caps. The iron caps are easy to rust after being damp, corrode cosmetics and make them deteriorate.

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