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How to distinguish between PVC, PET, PP, PE plastic bottles?

All walks of life need plastic bottle packaging. As consumers, whether it is plastic bottles for food packaging or plastic bottles for daily necessities, their bottles are printed with PVC, PET, PP, PE, which represent plastic bottle packaging materials. symbols of. What do these signs specifically mean? What are their specific uses? What should consumers pay attention to when they see these signs?

PVC plastic bottle:

The scientific name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride. Due to the poor stability of PVC plastic bottles to light and heat, PVC bottles cannot be heated at high temperature or exposed to outdoor exposure to ensure the quality of the packaged items and the safety of the human body. PVC bottles are suitable for packaging other products except food packaging. Consumers can then use a simple method to distinguish whether the bottle is made of PVC material: bend the bottle, and see the whitening phenomenon at the inflection point is a PVC bottle.

PET plastic bottle:

The scientific name of PET is polyterephthalic acid plastic. The raw material of PET plastic is milky white or light yellow and highly crystalline. Compared with PVC material, PET has good optical properties and weather resistance, non-toxic and good stability, but it is not soaked in hot water or alkali. PET bottle packaging is suitable for packaging products in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. It is very simple to distinguish a PET bottle. Use a lighter to look at the bottle. If it emits a comfortable smell, it is a PET bottle. If it emits a pungent smell, it is not a pure PET bottle.

PP plastic bottle:

The scientific name of PP is polypropylene, and the raw material of PP plastic is semi-crystalline. PP material is the lighter one of the common and commonly used plastics. It has excellent electrical properties. It is used for high-frequency insulation materials that are resistant to humidity and heat. It is suitable for packaging in the automotive industry and daily necessities. In terms of food packaging, PP bottles cannot be used Barrier packaging for carbonated drinks. So consumers should pay attention!

PE plastic bottle:

The scientific name of PE becomes polyethylene, which is the world's largest production of synthetic resin and the largest consumption of plastic packaging materials. PE material has the advantages of low water absorption, insoluble in water, resistance to moisture, and insulation properties, so it can be used not only in food and drug packaging but also in the construction industry.

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