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Acrylic lotion bottle outer packaging printing requirements

Acrylic lotion bottle has good transparency and excellent viewing. On the outer packaging, various exquisite patterns and texts can be engraved. What are the requirements for the engraving of these various text patterns?

Whether it is the pattern or the text of the outer packaging, the most important requirement when printing is to be clear. As early as when the industry first started to grow, the printing and engraving of the outer packaging was relatively vague, and its pattern and text were close to each other. Look, it's all blurry, which greatly affects its viewing. These few you, the related technology has been improved, and this problem has been solved. When printing patterns or texts in large quantities, you need to go through the overall design to see if your graphics can be fully displayed on its outer packaging. In the case of batch processing, a small amount of products should be printed first, and after observing the effect, printing in batches.

When printing text, acrylic lotion bottle should be optimized design and processing, especially when there is a lot of text, it is necessary to ensure that all handwriting is very neat and clear, some acrylic lotion bottles need to create a variety of different shapes for their hungry appearance. When designing, the direction of the text and the size of the text should be designed according to the size to avoid problems after mass printing.

In practical applications, the first benefit of acrylic lotion bottle is to give designers a variety of choices, making it more competitive in the market, and will naturally stand out among similar products.

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