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Briefly describe the characteristics of acrylic bottles used as cosmetics containers

As people's requirements for cosmetics containers are getting lower and lower, because acrylic bottles are easy to break and never react with cosmetics, they are becoming more and more popular, thus driving the development of the industry. Acrylic bottle manufacturers have been established like bamboo shoots after rain, bringing convenience to people's lives.
Acrylic bottles, commonly known as PMMA in terms of raw material chemistry, are widely used in the field of plastic containers for cosmetics. Acrylic bottles are widely used in the packaging of high-end creams, lotion and other cosmetics, and are very popular in the market
Acrylic, also known as PMMA or organic glass breaking, as FPMMA, is a key promising polymer material that has been developed relatively late. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, difficult processing, and elegant appearance. It is widely used in the construction industry. Organic glass products can generally be divided into casting plate, extrusion plate and molding compound.
1. With crystal like transparency, the light transmittance is more than 92%. The light is mellow and the vision is clear. Acrylic dyed with dyes also has a very good color development effect.
2. Acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, low surface hardness and luster, and good high temperature performance.
3. Acrylic plate has good processing performance. It can be processed by hot forming or machining.
4. Transparent acrylic plate has light transmittance comparable to that of glass, but its density is only half of that of glass. In addition, it is never as fragile as glass. Even if it is damaged, it will never form sharp fragments like glass.
5. The abrasion resistance of acrylic plate is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to various chemicals.
6. Acrylic board has good printability and spraying property. Using appropriate printing and spraying technology can give acrylic products a perfect surface decoration effect.
7. Flame resistance: It is not self igniting but belongs to inflammable goods, and never self extinguishing.
Acrylic bottle not only has the characteristics of plastic: resistance to falling, light weight, difficult to color, difficult to process, low cost, etc., but also has the characteristics of glass bottle: elegant appearance, high-grade texture. That is to say, it makes the cost of household plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging bottle factories obtain the appearance of glass bottles, so it also has the advantages of being resistant to falling and convenient for transportation.
Although the acrylic bottle has achieved great success in the cosmetics container market, it is not less than that other packaging fields such as food and medicine have not been widely used, which is also an area worthy of exploration by acrylic bottle manufacturers.