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Cosmetics process pump head

Cosmetic containers can be divided into PE blow molding (more pure colors, more soft, one time molding), PP blow molding (more pure colors, one time molding), PET blow molding bottles (good transparency, multiple use of toner and hair products, environmental protection materials, secondary molding), PETG blow bottles (transparency is better than PET), but not commonly used in China, high cost, high product cost, one time molding, less non-recyclable materials). Combination form: bottle blowing+inner plug (commonly used for PP and PE materials)+outer cover (commonly used for PP, ABS, acrylic, electroplating and anodized aluminum, using spray ink or pump head cover (commonly used liquid and lotion),+autumn cover+lifting cover (lifting cover and Qianqiu cover are mostly large flow). (adopted by daily chemical line).
1. The distributor is divided into two types: binding type and screw type. It can be divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve and vacuum bottle according to functions.
2. The size of the pump head is set according to the caliber of the matching bottle. The spray size is 12.5mm-24mm, and the water yield is 0.1ml/-0.2ml/time. It is often used for packaging perfume, gel water and other products. The length of the same diameter can be determined according to the height of the bottle.
3. The specification range of the emulsification pump is 16ml to 38ml, and the water output is 0.28ml/time, 3.1ml/time.
4. Vacuum bottles are generally cylindrical, with specifications of 15ml-50ml, and some are 100ml. The overall capacity is small, depending on the principle of atmospheric pressure, which can avoid the pollution caused by cosmetics during use. Vacuum bottles include aluminized, electroplated and colored plastics, which are more expensive than other ordinary containers. Generally, the order quantity is not high.
5. Multi-purpose PP material, (production machine: injection molding machine) outer ring also adopts anodized aluminum sleeve and electroplating process. It can also be bronze and silver plated.
(1)。 According to the functions of the bottle body: A. Vacuum bottle pump head, without suction pipe,+cover B. The pump head of ordinary bottle needs suction pipe+cover or no cover.
(2)。 According to the function of pump head A, lotion pump head (applicable to lotion contents, such as lotion, bath gel, shampoo). B. Spray pump head (applicable to water content, such as spray and toner).
(3)。 According to appearance A, the pump head has a cover, which plays a protective role. (For products with small capacity) within 100ml. B. The pump head without cover is specially designed and can be locked. It does not extrude content. It plays a protective role and is convenient to carry. Reduce costs. (Products with relatively large capacity are preferred) More than 100ml, and the pump heads of bath gel and shampoo in the daily chemical line are mostly covered.
(4)。 According to the manufacturing process A. Electroplating pump head B. Anodizing pump head C. Plastic pump head.