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Difference between moisturizing lotion bottle and spray bottle

1. The moisturizing lotion cosmetics containers are basically dominated by the way of gently pressing the pump impeller
2. The spray bottle is sealed by the printer nozzle, and the structure type of spraying liquid is quite different from that of spraying liquid. The liquid sprayed from the spray bottle is misty, which can be sandblasted on the human skin in a very symmetrical manner without knocking. Therefore, the equipment of the spray is liquid like moisturizer. It can also be a moisturizing spray that you can take with you when you go out. The moisturizing lotion cosmetics have a certain viscosity, which makes it impossible to spray such cosmetics according to the nozzle. It must be applied according to the light press type pump impeller or pressed by the outer cover. Secondly, the bottle body of moisturizing lotion bottle is usually of high quality, improving the shelf life of moisturizing lotion products, while the bottle body of spray bottle is not so high.
The price of moisturizing lotion bottle packaging is generally higher than that of spray bottle, because the engineering cost of pump impeller is usually higher than that of printer nozzle. One is the extrusion and blowing process, in which the plastic raw materials are added to the extruder, and then heated, melted, extruded and melted into the mold blank, and then put into the mold shell of the Aquarius base for blowing and forming, and then removed from the mold shell after refrigeration and forming, and the finished product is obtained after trimming the waste edges. This kind of technology is used to produce high-pressure polyethylene and polyethylene plastic bottles.
Cosmetic plastic container spray bottle is mainly used in pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetics containers and chemical factory bottle packaging sales market. According to the control system of nozzle for spray, the application level of usage can be effectively mastered. The spray bottle mechanical equipment with good environmental protection: it is composed of a solid bottle body and a replaceable bottle bottom. The newly upgraded in-bottle bag is technically similar to the ordinary airless spray paint construction. The replacement of the Aquarius is a kind of airless extrusion that includes a separate, but must manually plug the aluminum foil packaging bag into the Aquarius. As a way of applying water, the spray should be applied in the condition of urgent moisturizing.
For example, when people are in very dry conditions (desert, or central air-conditioning room), or in the case of making up according to the rules, the makeup stylist is likely to use a spray or spray a moisturizing spray onto the sponge to reach the goal of touching and replenishing powder because it is not easy to make up the face. The basic principle of spray bottle manufacturing is to generate high pressure system software in the bottle, and the solution in the high gas pressure bottle is sprayed out in the form of tiny water particles. Because the liquid of the water particles sprayed is very similar to the effect and shape of the fog, this type of Aquarius is called a spray.