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Four characteristics of cosmetic packaging bottles

Cosmetics have always been the focus of everyone's attention. As far as this issue is concerned, if there is no outer packaging bottle, it is difficult for cosmetics to gain a firm foothold in the market; now there are more and more cosmetic plastic bottles on the market, because they are the most abundant in terms of size, material, appearance, etc. Yes, cosmetic bottles can be positioned and segmented in different markets;
Today, modern cosmetic packaging bottles have formed the following four characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, structural design and decorative design:
1. The application range of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is constantly expanding, and the design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles is limited, and only high-end cosmetics such as perfume or cosmetics that are easy to lose fragrance are still packaged in glass bottles.
2. The specifications of cosmetic packaging bottles are diversified. In order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate the choice of consumers.
3. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. Usually trademark patterns and text fonts are unified, and different varieties are represented by different tones, water patterns or different shape structures.
Fourth, cosmetic packaging containers are increasingly adapting to the needs of personalized development. Manufacturers also tend to pay attention to gender, age, region, ethnicity, etc., and package cosmetics in different ways according to the aesthetic tastes of different groups of people.
We all know that recently everyone is pursuing lightweight, environmental protection, etc., but according to different positioning, many cosmetic plastic bottles are still luxurious packaging, and some will use glass packaging. We all know that the shelf life of cosmetics is three to five years, and they will remain in the hands of consumers for a long time, especially when everyone likes to use them. Then there is the looping issue to be aware of. It is safe to seal and fit to carry and should not break.