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How much do you know about plastic containers for cosmetics

In the cosmetics industry, when it comes to big looks, eau de toilette is the only one. Due to the unique design scheme of the bottle body, there are not a few people who buy the casket to return the pearl nowadays. And the unique design scheme can really make customers more impressed with the product, and customers, especially women customers, have certain appeal points for the product at some levels. These cosmetics design schemes that are in line with the aesthetic design scheme and eye-catching will inadvertently make people willingly loosen the satchel. At this stage, plastic packaging bottles for cosmetics are mostly laminated glass and plastic bottles, and a few are paper and metal materials. Today I will talk about laminated glass and plastic.
For an objective customer, in addition to appreciating the design scheme and artistic creativity of cosmetics, we should also learn to identify different cosmetics materials. It is important to understand that the containers contained in cosmetics are closely related to quality, environmental sanitation, handling and storage.

1. Glass packaging bottles: plastic containers for cosmetics are traditional plastic packaging products. 80% - 90% of laminated glass packaging containers are glass bottles and cans. Generally, metal ion additives are used to produce green, dark green, light cyan and brown laminated glass. The coloring of plastic packaging bottles can strengthen the actual effect of light blocking, and is conducive to the storage of cosmetics based on enzymes, such as VC, white peony tea, polyphenols and other cosmetics with antioxidant and whitening effects.

On the other hand, it also helps to cover the objective fact that cosmetics are oxidized and discolored in the air. In addition, the organic chemistry of the glass tank is reliable, the environment is clean, and it can show excellent quality assurance standards; It has good temperature tolerance, can be sterilized at high temperature, and can also be stored at ultra-low temperature, which is incomparable with plastics. The existing deficiencies depend on the net weight, high transportation costs, high energy consumption in production and processing, and serious air pollution.

2. The plastic packaging bottle is a polymer material composite material with good permeability, airtightness and clarity; Organic chemistry has good reliability, environmental health and safety. The deficiency lies in the fact that plastic bottles are easy to be oxidized by air, which is unfavorable for long-term storage. However, generally speaking, all normal application cycles of cosmetics are between 3 and 6 months, which will not cause great harm.

In addition, plastic packaging bottles are conducive to environmental protection. Many famous overseas cosmetics bottles are warmly welcomed and all use plastic bottles, which is completely in line with the development trend of the application of cosmetics materials in the future of low-carbon environmental protection and caring for the earth. Therefore, as an objective customer, you need not be blinded by the outer packaging box of cosmetics.