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How to choose Acrylic Lotion Bottles products

Fields of use of Acrylic Lotion Bottles

At present, there are three main areas of use of acrylic bottles.

One: Cosmetics

Acrylic bottles have high plasticity. They can be designed into products of various sizes according to the needs of users. They are widely used in the field of cosmetics. From lotion bottles to various cream bottles, acrylic bottles are used.

Two: the field of medicine and health products

The outer packaging of health care products needs to print a lot of words such as instructions for use. The surface of the acrylic bottle can be easily printed with various patterns and characters, and the acrylic bottle has better moisture resistance, and there are many price comparisons in the field of health care products.

Three: watch and use

The appearance of the acrylic bottle can be printed with a large number of exquisite patterns. These exquisite patterns make the acrylic bottle very ornamental. In some homes and public places, it is placed as a decoration for people to visit and use. .

How to choose an acrylic bottle

1: Determination of caliber

At present, the diameter of conventional acrylic bottles can be roughly divided into 22 mm, 26 mm, 28 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, etc. These are relatively conventional sizes, and users can also make products according to their own requirements. For customization, the size of the acrylic bottle is generally determined by its caliber size, not the outer diameter size.

The size of the outer diameter needs to be designed at one time according to the size of the caliber and according to the concept of aesthetics.

2: Determination of the process

The production process of common acrylic bottles, especially the printing process, can be divided into several categories such as injection molding, bottle blowing, screen printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, silk screen printing, and injection blowing printing. At the same time, determine the appropriate printing process according to the pattern printed on your own product, the complexity of the text, and the quantity.

The price of each printing process will be different, but the final effect is basically the same, and there will be some differences in the processing of some details, which will basically not affect the viewing and use.

3: The choice of brand

There are many manufacturers of acrylic bottles, and basically each manufacturer will have a specific brand, resulting in many brands in the current market, dazzling consumers. For general use, there is actually no need to pursue some well-known brands. The consumption of acrylic bottles is relatively transparent, and there is no need to deliberately choose famous brands. General brands can meet the needs.

4: The choice of origin

The origin of acrylic bottles is mainly in the south, while Zhejiang and Guangdong, as two major production provinces, have more products. When determining the product, based on the principle of proximity and cost saving, these acrylic bottles are selected. Regarding the quality of these acrylic bottles, which province has better quality, no relevant comments will be made.