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Market price of transparent Acrylic Lotion Bottles

Acrylic Lotion Bottles are also called plexiglass bottles, which seem to have some similarities with glass bottles. In use, it is more practical than glass bottles, it has strong light transmission, plasticity, drop resistance and so on. Different text and pictures can be printed on the surface of the acrylic bottle, and according to the different requirements of users, the acrylic bottle can be made into many products with different shapes and styles, which are deeply loved by consumers.

The market price of acrylic bottles has different prices according to the classification of products. In different time periods, with the increase of various costs, the price of acrylic bottles will also fluctuate to a certain extent.

One: capacity

Ordinary acrylic bottles are divided into customized and non-customized capacity according to the size of the capacity, and the customized capacity has different capacities according to different product categories. For example, in the field of cosmetics, the capacity ranges from 35 ml, 60 ml, 80 ml, and 150 ml. In terms of the classification of storage tanks, the size of these capacity can not meet the needs of use at all, and it will have a different capacity classification.

The capacity of conventional acrylic bottles is relatively fixed, and the price of the product is relatively fixed. For some products with special needs, special customization of acrylic bottles is required. The price of customized products in small quantities depends on the production process. A relatively large price difference.

Two: Process

The craftsmanship of the acrylic bottle is mainly reflected in the details of the product. For the different printing on the surface of the acrylic bottle, there will be two different extremes in the price. The acrylic bottle of the same capacity will have a lot of steps in the price. The printing method can be offset printing, screen printing, silk screen printing, injection blowing, etc.

Three: the place of production

The main production area of ​​acrylic bottles is in the south. Generally, there are local acrylic bottle manufacturers, and the price of the products will naturally have certain advantages. In some cities with many acrylic bottle manufacturers, in order to obtain higher sales, manufacturers can only Obtaining higher sales through some price advantages is good news for some consumers. Different places of production mean different ways of supply and demand in the market, and different ways of producing products.

Four: brand

There are countless brands of acrylic bottles in the market, which leads many consumers to be unable to start when faced with many acrylic bottles. And some well-known brands in the industry have better market reputation accumulation, plus product advantages, their products have higher sales prices.

Five: inspection standards

The various acrylic bottles on sale have different inspection standards. During the production process, the inspection requirements are strict, the quality of the product is more guaranteed, and its price will be relatively higher.