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Price fluctuation factors of acrylic lotion bottle

One: acrylic material

Acrylic material is called plexiglass by some people. It is similar to glass from an ornamental point of view, but from the perspective of the structure of raw materials, it is very different. The raw material of acrylic is a kind of plastic compound with complex price comparison. . The raw materials of the acrylic lotion bottles on sale are actually different. The material composition of acrylic is different, which will lead to different effects of the following products, different light transmittance, and different safety levels.

How to measure the quality of the acrylic lotion bottle is to measure the production raw materials of the acrylic lotion bottle.

Two: the difference in production technology

Each acrylic lotion bottle manufacturer has different production technologies. Some production companies use more traditional production technologies, while others use more advanced production technologies. The more advanced the production technology is, the more advanced its production technology is. The faster the production efficiency of the product, the more stable the quality control of the product. Therefore, many acrylic lotion bottles have high prices, but the refinement of workmanship is very poor. This is mainly due to the difference in production technology.

Three: The difference in printing technology

On the outer packaging of the acrylic lotion bottle, various patterns and patterns can be printed, which is based on the plasticity and printability of the acrylic lotion bottle material. The outer surface of the acrylic lotion bottle can be made into various patterns and characters according to the different design requirements of users. The molding process of patterns and characters is different. , which is also one of the reasons that has a greater impact on the acrylic lotion bottle.

Four: product type

The product types of acrylic lotion bottles can be roughly divided into regular models and customized models. The price of the regular model is more conventional, and its capacity and size are also more conventional. For some users with special requirements, it needs to use customized products, customized acrylic The price of lotion bottles is naturally higher than that of conventional ones, and the quantity of production needs to be controlled for customization, and the specifications and molds of production need to be adjusted at the same time.

Five: other

For some spraying requirements and the size of the volume, these will directly dominate the market price of acrylic lotion bottles. At the same time, with the increase in production costs and changes in raw material prices, there will be a certain price for acrylic lotion bottles. degree of fluctuation.