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Process characteristics of acrylic bottle

In appearance, acrylic bottle is very similar to glass bottle, but in use, it has the hardness and toughness of plastic bottle. In the process of production, acrylic bottle has some special process characteristics.

1: The main synthetic material of the acrylic bottle is polymethyl methacrylate. This kind of material has obvious hygroscopicity, and its water absorption rate is sufficient at 0.3%. Therefore, the molding requirement of the acrylic bottle is to be formed in a dry environment, regardless of whether the acrylic bottle is formed. Whether it is die casting or mechanical molding, it needs to be naturally dried in a high temperature environment of 85 degrees for more than 4 hours.

2: The material of the acrylic bottle will have obvious fluid characteristics in the high temperature environment of molding, the melt viscosity will gradually decrease with the cutting, and the viscosity of the solution is also more sensitive to temperature. In the process of processing and molding, it is necessary to master the pressure and temperature of the molding, so as to control the viscosity of the solution.

3: The medium flow temperature value of the acrylic bottle is between 160 degrees and 270 degrees, and it needs to be dissolved and formed at such a temperature.

4: The cooling rate of polymethyl methacrylate is very fast, so it is necessary to complete the casting in a short time after the molding is completed, and the effect of the shrinkage rate is poor, and it will not be easily deformed after molding. In the process of production, it is necessary to use a mold with higher precision to produce a product with higher precision.

5: The material of the acrylic bottle is generally not changed in size in the later stage. During the molding process, various extrusions need to be completed at one time, even if there are some small defects, it should be done in time within 1 hour after molding. Correction.