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Product advantages of acrylic lotion bottle

Raw material of acrylic lotion bottle

The raw material of acrylic lotion bottle is mainly acrylic. Acrylic is an organic compound. Like glass, it has high transparency, so it can also be called "plexiglass". The material of acrylic is not easy to break, and at the same time has a good ornamental value. Under the irradiation of sunlight, its light transmission rate is above 92%, which is a very used raw material.

The raw materials of acrylic were originally used in the aerospace field. Later, with the continuous maturity of various technologies, it will be widely used in various fields. Today, acrylic materials and many plastic products are made, and its use fields include cosmetics. , medicine and health products, etc., it has many types and wide applications.

Product advantages of acrylic lotion bottle

One: will not be damaged

Although the acrylic lotion bottle can be called a plexiglass lotion bottle, the biggest difference from glass is that under a certain gravity, there will be no major breakage. Even if it is broken, it will not have many glass particles like traditional glass, which will cause certain damage to the user. After the acrylic lotion bottle is broken, some of its broken objects will be relatively large, and some small broken objects will not appear. For children and the elderly, this advantage is very good.

Two: low price

The price of acrylic lotion bottle is lower than that of other glass and other plastic bottles. For acrylic lotion bottles with higher requirements, related product design and customization are required. Its price It will be slightly higher, and compared with other products, it is relatively high in terms of cost performance.

Three: Security

In the production process of acrylic lotion bottle, as long as attention is paid to the correct control of raw materials, its safety is very high. language is relatively safe. At present, in the field of acrylic lotion bottle sales, there is also a food-grade acrylic bottle, which will be more strictly controlled in terms of safety, and will be safer and healthier for users to use.

Four: long service life

According to relevant data analysis, the service life of acrylic lotion bottle is generally more than 8 years without human damage. Compared with ceramic, glass and other bottled products, acrylic lotion bottle has a long service life. Very good product advantage.

Five: Customization of appearance

According to the user's design requirements, various patterns and patterns can be customized on the surface of the acrylic lotion bottle to meet various usage requirements. There should be a lot of acrylic lotion bottles with a lot of text and patterns on the bottle body.

Price fluctuation factors of acrylic lotion bottle

Introduction of acrylic lotion bottle

The main material of the acrylic lotion bottle is acrylic, which is one of the product categories under the acrylic bottle, and the acrylic lotion bottle is widely used. The acrylic lotion bottle is not easy to break, and the appearance is better. It is a relatively popular acrylic product.