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Production process of acrylic bottle

Acrylic bottles are very similar to other plastic products, but differ in temperature and additives. There are two main methods for the production of acrylic bottles

The first method is cast molding. After preparing the relevant mold, pour the molten acrylic directly into the mold, let it sit for a few hours, and then remove it from the mold. This rudimentary product is then processed in a high-pressure furnace, which uses high temperatures to make the molding stronger, requiring several hours of processing in the high-temperature furnace. After taking it out, do some treatment to some rough corners to make it have a certain smoothness.

The second step is extrusion. The raw material of the acrylic bottle is mainly acrylic acid. The acrylic acid is dissolved into granules, and these acrylic granules are added to the extrusion machine. State, and then sent to the axial press, let the pressure of the machine melt and flatten the particles to form a thin plastic sheet, and shape the sheet.

After the product that has begun to take shape, it still needs to be polished and polished by hand to make its outer surface have a better gloss. For those with printing requirements, the surface of the acrylic bottle can be printed after forming. .

In addition to the above two molding methods, injection molding can also be used to make acrylic bottles. The two relatively simple molding methods mentioned above are more common in the industry.