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Quality identification method of Acrylic Lotion Bottles

Use of acrylic cream bottle
The main material of the Acrylic Lotion Bottles is acrylic, and acrylic is also called plexiglass. It looks similar to glass in appearance, but from the actual use, its application field is wider, and the acrylic bottle can be used as a This kind of decorative ornamental bottle is also used in the field of medical and health care products, and the most used is in the field of cosmetics. The acrylic cream bottle is a very direct example.

Quality identification method of acrylic cream bottle
Not only the quality of acrylic cream bottles can be identified using the following methods, but the quality of other acrylic bottles can also be identified using the following methods.

1: Observation method
Because the acrylic bottle has a certain plasticity, there will be various patterns and text printed on the surface of the acrylic bottle. When we buy an acrylic cream bottle, we mainly observe its gloss and observe it in a certain light. Is there any fading and chromatic aberration below? Generally, the surface of the acrylic bottle with better control of raw materials will not have color difference, and its gloss is very good.

If there is such a situation, it means that the control of the selection of raw materials is relatively poor. At the same time, we can also check whether the instructions of the Biaacrylic cream bottle are consistent with the actual situation. This requires high professionalism. Ordinary users only need to judge the color and gloss.

2: Combustion method
The acrylic material itself has a certain flame retardancy, and it is not easy to burn when it encounters a fire. Just use a lighter to perform a short burning test at the bottom of the acrylic cream bottle to see if it heats up quickly and burns, and a certain flame and smoke appear quickly, indicating that the quality of the acrylic cream bottle is relatively poor.

3: Light transmission detection method
The light transmittance of the bottle made of acrylic material generally needs to be more than 92%. The easiest way is to emit white light through the light through both sides of the acrylic cream bottle. If the color of the swirl is yellow or blue, etc. , it means that this acrylic cream bottle is made of poor acrylic.

The better quality acrylic cream bottle has a high light transmittance. After the light passes through, it will show a positive white light, and it will not absorb the light color and become other different colors.

4: Hot melt method
The hot-melt method is also called the sticking method. It uses a good acrylic material and a poor quality acrylic material to compare the stickiness between them to determine its quality. It is difficult to separate the acrylic cream bottle with poor weight after it is hot-melted, but the acrylic cream bottle with good quality can still be easily separated after hot-melting.