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The reasons why acrylic bottles are popular in the market

Acrylic bottle is a kind of organic polymer glass product. It has a good sales volume on major e-commerce platforms, surpassing many similar products. Its ability to get such high sales is not unrelated to its product characteristics.

1. Low price

The low price of the acrylic bottle does not mean that its quality is defective, which leads to the low price. The main reason for the low price of the acrylic bottle is that the raw material cost of the acrylic bottle itself is very low. With the improvement of the production technology, the production efficiency of the acrylic bottle is also very high. Fast, the cost in all aspects is lower than similar products, and the price is naturally not very high, which is one reason why consumers generally accept it.

2. Good viewing

The appearance of the acrylic bottle is very beautiful, and its appearance can be printed with different patterns. When some companies are preparing for large-scale events, while considering the cost, they can customize the shape of the acrylic bottle. promotion effect.

3. Safety and environmental protection

Food-grade acrylic bottles and medical-grade acrylic bottles have a huge demand for health, environmental protection and safety in terms of raw material selection and processing technology. use.

4. Variety

Acrylic bottles have a wide variety of products, which can be made into different shapes according to customer requirements, without restrictions, and their plasticity is unmatched by other similar products.

Combining the above four points, acrylic bottles are welcomed by many consumers in the market, not without reason