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What is the difference between plastic and glass bottles for cosmetics

1. Different properties: Plastic is a polymer synthetic material with many types. Cosmetic glass bottles can be made into emerald green, dark green, light cyan, and amber glass with metal ion colorants.
2. Different characteristics: glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which are characterized by bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to form, but heavy and easy to break. The plastic bottle has good mechanical properties and is heavy-duty, convenient for storage and transportation, and easy to carry and use.
3. Different advantages: chemical defective glass has good sealing performance, stable chemical properties, and high-grade materials, which can effectively ensure that the contents will not deteriorate for a long time, which is an ideal choice for cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic plastic bottles are permeable, good sealing and high transparency.

At the same time, care should be taken when choosing plastic containers for cosmetics. It is not suitable to store cosmetics in places exposed to sunlight or direct light. Because cosmetic plastic containers are exposed to direct sunlight or light, water will evaporate, and some components will lose their vitality, resulting in aging and deterioration. In addition, cosmetics contain a large number of drugs and chemicals, which are prone to chemical changes due to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Its effect is reduced, so do not put cosmetics outdoors, on balconies, near vanity lamps, etc.

When buying cosmetics, try not to take the samples displayed in the cabinet, because they are easily or have deteriorated due to long-term exposure to the light in the cabinet.

Places where the temperature is too high are not suitable for storing cosmetics, because high temperature will not only easily volatilize the water in the cosmetics and dry out the cream, but also easily cause the cellulose and water in the cream to separate and deteriorate. Therefore, in the hot summer, don't put too much cosmetics in your handbags, so that they can be used well in a short time. The proper storage temperature should be below 35°C.