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Should I use a push-type bottle or a dropper-type bottle for the essence

Autumn is the driest and most sensitive period for our skin. We must take good care of our skin so that the skin can absorb the correct essence. The essence can not only promote the absorption of skin care products, open the way of absorption, but also start to replenish moisture from the bottom of the skin. Which one is better, a press-type packaging or a dropper-type packaging for the essence.
Push bottle:
Advantages: The push-type pump head is the primary choice for skin care products. When you use it, you can use the whole face with just one pump, unlike some products that are designed to take too much essence, which causes a waste of essence.

Dropper bottle:
Advantages: There are many skin care products on the market now, and people are demanding more and more cosmetics, and there are many essences that have become dropper-type. Its advantage is that you don't need to take the product by hand, and avoid the inevitable waste when dumping. The dropper-type essence is also very convenient to extract the amount, so that it will not be applied to the face because of too much essence.
Nowadays, the packaging of cosmetic essences will use glass packaging, the capacity is mostly 10-30ml, in the bottle design, but now there are also many use plastic to make essence packaging bottles, the thickness of the plastic bottle is similar to that of glass, and the hardness is also , And it is resistant to fall. In addition, the accessories related to the production process are basically the same as those of glass. This kind of bottle plastic thick-walled bottle is called on the market.

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