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There are several knowledge points about cosmetic packaging that must be known.

What is cosmetic packaging?

 The packaging material of cosmetics packaging bottles is not only glass bottles, but also involves the outer packaging wooden box, the inner carton, the logo and some auxiliary special tools. It is very important for the packaging materials of skin care products. Because the products are different and the shapes are different, each is different. Therefore, the purchase of packaging materials is very important for glass bottle manufacturers in the production and manufacturing agent processing.

How to choose effective packaging materials for cosmetic packaging bottles can be analyzed from the following aspects.

1. Is the design plan effective?

 A good glass bottle can improve the brand image and quality. Therefore, customers must also pay attention to the purchase of packaging materials when identifying the manufacturers of glass bottles, and strengthen the tracking of the processing process, from the outer packaging wooden box to the inner carton; from the shape of the vessel to the creative copywriting of the logo; from the precise positioning of the design style to Transportation risk; from insourcing to business outsourcing, it is necessary to consider overall, make overall planning, ensure reasonable configuration, and have good physics. Ensure that the packaging materials can be coordinated during delivery, so that consumers of glass bottles can have a stronger packaging experience after receiving the goods.

2. Is the volume standard?

Although the production of glass bottles is the same as most commodities, a certain amount of deviation is allowed, but before the production of utensils, the characteristics of the product should be taken into account and controlled purposefully. The very specification model is not detailed, the appearance design is beautiful and generous, the visual effect is comfortable, these. That way, the deviation can be reduced to at least, and the standardization of the volume of the glass bottle can give consumers a stronger impression.

3. Is creative copywriting a standard?

The label management of skin care products in my country is very strict. It must be strictly implemented in accordance with the regulations. It is very glass bottle products. Some ingredients and index values ​​must not be missed or leaked, otherwise, even the best glass bottle packaging materials will not be allowed. abuse. There are also, in terms of the role of the product, it is necessary to repeatedly scrutinize and carefully review the content to prevent false reports, prevent the use of words and sentences, and prevent customers from being ambiguous.

4. Is the key point to control?

 The main problem here is the product quality of cosmetic packaging bottles. Because glass bottle packaging materials will be mixed with poor products in the whole process of mass production, there are also, even if the quality is good, defects will be caused during the whole transportation process. These are very small accessories for glass bottles. Such as the outer cover, soft cushion, small box, packaging color box, logo, heat shrinkable film, these are very easy to cause such and such quality defects in the whole process of manufacturing or shipping. Therefore, you must be very careful. Control the important links and every key point carefully.

5. Is the share of unqualified rate exceeding the standard?

 The packaging materials of cosmetic packaging bottles are very outer packaging materials, many of which are necessary for everyone to produce, such as cartons and leather goods. These, because of the low level of automation technology, it is inevitable that defective or poor products will appear. Some equipment produces glass bottles, plastic hoses, etc., in the aspects of color cast, omission, shape, etc., and that kind of problem will occur. Therefore, in the purchase situation, this problem must be considered. If during the quality inspection of packaging materials, the ratio of qualified products to poor products does not exceed the basic specifications, then the purchase of glass bottle packaging materials is a success, but when purchasing packaging materials, the total number should be increased appropriately to ensure sufficient and selective space.

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