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What are the new trends of cosmetic packaging materials in 2021?

Although cosmetic packaging materials have been affected by the epidemic, their popularity has been slightly lower than in previous years, and they still cannot stop domestic and foreign buyers from seeking new products, new technologies and digging out fashion trends.

Performance, environmental protection and economy

In the process of consumers actually buying products, packaging is an important factor in determining whether consumers buy products. Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics has also been mentioned as a very important position. The material and craftsmanship play a vital role in the expressiveness of product packaging.

Because glass material can better show the high-level sense of the product, many high-end brands choose to use glass containers, but the disadvantages of glass packaging materials are also obvious. Therefore, in order to achieve a balance between texture and economy, PETG material is also used by more and more companies in the production of cosmetic containers.

PETG has glass-like transparency and close to glass density, which can make the product look more advanced as a whole, and at the same time it is more resistant than glass, and it can better adapt to the current logistics and transportation needs of e-commerce channels. Other merchants participating in this exhibition also mentioned that PETG material can better maintain the stability of the content than acrylic (PMMA), so it is highly sought after by international customers.

On the other hand, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers are willing to pay for the premium of environmentally-friendly products, and cosmetic companies have devoted themselves to it. The development of technology has allowed environmentally-friendly materials to go out of the concept and begin to realize commercial applications. . A series of PLA environmental protection materials (made from renewable plant resources, such as starch raw materials extracted from corn and cassava) have emerged, which are widely used in food and cosmetic packaging. According to his introduction, although the cost of environmentally friendly materials is much higher than that of ordinary materials, they are still of great significance in terms of overall economic value and environmental value. Therefore, there are more applications in northern Europe and other regions.

The cost is PLA material is more expensive than general materials. Because the base material of the base material is gray and dark, the surface adhesion and color expression of environmental protection packaging materials are also inferior to general materials. It is necessary to vigorously promote environmental protection materials. In addition to cost control, process improvement is also very important

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