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What is the importance of the color of cosmetic packaging materials

When people look at cosmetic packaging materials, they will first introduce what they see. Packaging text, graphic design, or packaging material styles are actually not. People's impression of cosmetics is more determined by color. Therefore, choosing colors that match the characteristics of the product can make the product more likely to be favored by consumers.
1. White series: For women, white is a symbol of purity and sacredness. Women's pursuit of fair and translucent skin can be described as tireless, as the so-called "one white covering one hundred ugliness", so for whitening cosmetics, white will be the color of choice.

2. Purple series: Purple is a relatively rare color in nature, symbolizing elegance, mystery, and gorgeous character. Purple can also reflect the feminine temperament, so for the design of cosmetic packaging materials for women's cosmetics and perfumes, purple is a more commonly used color.
3. Yellow series: yellow and orange series have bright brightness and high purity, which can give people a peaceful, gentle, lively and relaxed feeling, so using this color can make cosmetic packaging materials more affinity.
4. Red series: In addition to giving people a warm feeling, red also makes people think of blood easily, so it often symbolizes life, meaning vitality and vitality. At the same time, cosmetic packaging materials are also attractive colors.
5. Green series: Green is the color of plants, representing nature, life and hope. Many people pursue healthy and natural beauty, so cosmetics often use green as the main design theme, especially some products containing plant formulas, which not only effectively convey product information, but also give people a natural aesthetic feeling.
6. Blue series: Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, giving people a sense of freshness, calmness, rationality and trustworthiness. For some cosmetics developed with higher technology or innovative technology, the design of cosmetic packaging materials is mostly blue.

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