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What is the principle of use of cosmetic airless bottles

The airless bottle is a container that uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to improve the fine sealing through the packaging material, and can isolate the gas from the outside temperature or the outside bacteria.
However, the more sophisticated the container, the more high-quality raw materials and complex production processes are required, and the price of vacuum packaging containers can reach five to ten times the price of ordinary glass packaging containers! In this way, the use cost is naturally more expensive.
At present, airless bottles have not been popularized in the skin care industry, but with the improvement of consumption levels, more and more big brands are gradually using vacuum packaging materials.

The principle of use of airless bottles
Attentive students should have noticed that the skin care products they usually buy are basically dissatisfied. In fact, this is not because the brand intentionally falsely labeled the product's capacity for the sake of lack of weight. The reserved space of the product is mainly to prevent the problem of damage to the packaging such as the expansion of the material body and the ejection of the pump head under extreme weather conditions. Because the vacuum-packaged product does not have a straw, it is necessary to press multiple times to exhaust the air in the packaging material before the discharge body can be pressed during the first use.
In fact, products that use vacuum packaging materials do not require a straw. During the use of the product, as the material body decreases, the sealing gasket at the bottom of the packaging material will gradually rise to the top discharge port. When the bottom gasket is completely lifted to the top, it also means that the product body has been used up.

Benefits of airless bottles
1. Airtight packaging blocks the air and prevents microbial pollution
2. Airtight packaging blocks the air, and the active ingredients are more stable
3. The discharge volume of the pump head is accurate and controllable

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