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Why use plastic packaging bottles for cosmetics?

Plastic containers have a wide range of applications, including food, medicine, agriculture, and beauty. Today, I will take you to understand the application and advantages of plastic containers in the beauty industry.

The plastic container materials used in cosmetics and skin care products in the beauty industry have a wide variety of materials with good plasticity. With their superior performance, lower cost and adaptability to environmental protection, they are compatible with other types of packaging materials such as glass. The competition has developed rapidly.

Compared with glass products, plastic bottles have lower density, light weight, adjustable transparency, and are not easy to break; plastic bottles have better corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and have higher mechanical strength and are easy to shape. , The production loss is low. Plastic products are easy to color, and colors can be adjusted according to needs, which makes it easier to achieve packaging design requirements.

Reasons why cosmetics are not full:

1. Considering the thermal expansion and contraction of the material, it is normal to reserve a section of air.
2. The high air pressure in the bottle causes the cosmetics to leak out due to the altitude in different areas.
3. The bumps in the logistics transportation, if it is full, it is easy to overflow.
4. There are chemical phenolic substances in perfume, which are very easy to volatilize, so half of the perfume's capacity is 75-80%;
If it is full, the contents will easily ooze out, which will affect the appearance of the product, or it will be contaminated and the product will be scrapped. Excessive pressure may cause the bottle to crack during transportation, and explosions may occur if there is a special gas.
Therefore, treating the manufacturer as a black-hearted businessman, the seller as a thief, and the engineer as an idiot are really not suitable for buying skin care products, because there is really no skin care product full.
This is the characteristics of the production process and raw materials. The product is a standardized assembly line. The actual weight is the same as the package label, and there is no less than one gram.

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